A revolutionary floor for diving into an illuminating experience

By launching the AQUA-ILUMA pool floor concept , POOLOOP is making a major breakthrough in the pool and spa world. Thanks to an exclusive technology - made in Germany - POOLOOP offers you a bright and avant-garde vision of the swimming pool.

The most brilliant and exciting idea for a pool

Thanks to an exclusive and patented LED system embedded in a floor, your swimming pool floor is transformed into an ultra-sophisticated video screen, offering infinite animation possibilities.
A total immersion…

That’s totally new!

The reliability and performance of a connected pool floor...

dive into the future

With the ASB AQUA-ILUMA system, your pool floor becomes a connected video screen you can control from a single smartphone. An animated logo, light games, color backgrounds, photos, videos...

For a magnificent aquatic lightshow!

All effects are allowed, even the most amazing!

Installing ASB AQUA-ILUMA in your spa adds a new dimension by creating a multitude of customised atmospheres.

Experience a new level of sensory well-being.

A bright idea
to enhance your spa

Originally specialised in prefabricated intelligent aluminium construction systems, ASB revolutionised the world of sport - in 2006 -
by creating GLASSFLOOR, the most modern and high-tech sports floor currently on the market.


Located in Germany, ASB is the world's leading supplier of squash courts.


Visionary by nature, the company has been constantly innovating for over 50 years.


Today, with the launch of AQUA-ILUMA, POOLOOP have designed a luminous aquatic floor that could revolutionise the pool world.

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A world-renowned technical floor partner



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