Paddling pool

In your pool area, the paddling pool is a perfect playground. With AQUA-ILUMA, POOLOOP, you immediately create a new world. Light games, projected messages and images, educational videos... A plethora of animated vignettes that will enchant children and delight their parents.
Welcome to the new paddling generation!

Swimming pool

The main function of a swimming pool is... to swim, of course! But with a POOLOOP floor, your pool turns into a place of surprises and news.

You can integrate a sponsor’s logo,
project videos, create animations throughout the year... And even create a personalised atmosphere for your swimmers.


In a public pool, the smallest detail can make the difference. With POOLOOP, even your shower space becomes a distinct place.

By adorning your showers with AQUA-ILUMA,
you offer your visitors an amazing introductory visual experience, making it much easier to dive right in!