ASB, the floor that has revolutionised the world of sport

Inventor of the first LED floor in 2006, ASB GlassFloor is the world leader in squash floors and has

become a reference in the world of indoor sports flooring. By creating Lumiflex in 2016, ASB is the

originator of a major innovation with the first "full video floor", a true LED screen for projecting images

and videos. A revolution in the world of sport floors!

AQUA-ILUMA, the floor that will revolutionise the swimming pool!

With AQUA-ILUMA, POOOLOOP’s ambition is to transform any aquatic space into an exceptional visual experience. With its patented glass surface and full video screen system, AQUA-ILUMA is the most innovative surface coating ever made in the pool world. AQUA-ILUMA floors are certified 100% waterproof and are perfectly adapted to any aquatic environment.

The high-end LEDs are bright enough to be visible even in daylight. It is very easy to programme images and videos using an HDMI or DVI interface system that connects to any computer like a conventional external monitor.

German technology you can rely on

Structural Buil Up
The sub-structure consists of a grid of aluminium double swing beams on pillars with a minimum height of 0,053 m

LED screen

Pixel Pitch : 0,00625 m, pixel density 25,600 / 0,0089 m, pixel density 12,544
LED Type : RGB 3in1 SMD3535
LED Panel Size : 0,5 m x 0,5 m x 0,075 m
Brightness : 2,800 Nit
Refresh Rate : 1,200 Hz
Source Compatibility : Simple, synchrone DVI / HDMI plug and play
Operating Temperature : -283 °K - 323 °K

Operating Humidity : 10 - 90% RH

Power Connection : TrueOne
Power Consumption : Avg 0,27 hp/Panel /
Avg 0,13 hp/Panel
Power Consummption Max : Avg 0,80 hp/Panel /
Avg 0,42 hp/Panel
Input Power : AC100-240V,50-60Hz
Lifetime : 50,000 Hours


Prefabricated joints attached to panels.


Construction height
Minimum 0,15 m


Sport Performance
Meets and/or exceeds EN 14904:2006

Hardware 10 years, electronic components 2 years.

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